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Native Apple HomeKit accessory implementation for the ESP8266 Arduino core.
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published - 4 stars
Simple WebServer library for AVR, Teensy, SAMD boards running ESP8266 AT-command shields with fun...
Latest release 1.0.2 - Updated - 2 stars
PID Controller using RTOS timers, based on Brett Beauregard's blog posts
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published - 1 stars
PID Controller using RTOS timers, based on Brett Beauregard's blog posts
Latest release 1.0.1 - Updated - 1 stars
Simple WiFiManager for Blynk and Mega/Teensy/SAMD boards running ESP8266 AT shields, configuratio...
Latest release 1.0.2 - Updated - 1 stars

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An elegant and efficient JSON library for embedded systems
Latest release 6.14.1 - Updated - 4.2K stars
googletest is a testing framework developed by the Testing Technology team with Google's specific...
Latest release 1.10.0 - Updated - 14.4K stars
Display Library for SPI e-paper panels from Dalian Good Display and boards from Waveshare.
Latest release 3.0.9 - Updated - 419 stars
ESP8266 Weather Station
ESP8266 based internet connected Weather Station
Latest release 2.0.0 - Updated - 654 stars
Adafruit GPS Library
An interrupt-based GPS library for no-parsing-required use
Latest release 1.4.1 - Updated - 347 stars

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Library for the RB3201-RBControl board with the ESP32 by RoboticsBrno.
Latest release 6.2.0 - Updated - 3 stars
Library implementing the RBController protocol by RoboticsBrno.
Latest release 7.0.0 - Updated
SparkFun SCD30 Arduino Library
Library for the Sensirion SCD30 CO2 Sensor
Latest release 1.0.6 - Updated - 24 stars
Simple Ethernet Manager for Blynk and AVR Mega, Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD, etc. boards, with or witho...
Latest release 1.0.7 - Updated
Universal wireless communication library for Arduino
Latest release 3.3.1 - Updated - 118 stars

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A client for the mini iot server. A simple way of logging data with an ESP8266.
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published
This library provides an Interface for Infineon's TLI4971 Current Sensor
Latest release 1.0.1 - Published
A crash monitor class that implements the SAM D21/D51 built-in watchdog and provides debug inform...
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published
Provides a library for reading and interpreting CRMX TimoTwo MKR Shield data over SPI.
Latest release 0.1.32 - Published
SPIFFS on W25Q16DV for Arduino MKRMEM Shield.
Latest release 1.1.0 - Published - 1 stars

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A small Arduino library for GPRS modules, that just works. Includes examples for Blynk, MQTT, Fil...
Latest release 0.9.17 - Updated - 779 stars
Adafruit GFX Library
Adafruit GFX graphics core library, this is the 'core' class that all our other graphics librarie...
Latest release 1.7.5 - Updated - 1.31K stars
Implements functions that allow the MAX72xx (MAX7219) to be used for LED matrices (64 individual ...
Latest release 3.2.1 - Updated - 98 stars
An Arduino for ESP8266 / ESP32 asynchronous MQTT client implementation
Latest release 0.8.2 - Updated - 373 stars
The BLE module offers a high level abstraction for using Bluetooth Low Energy on multiple platforms.
Latest release 2.7.0 - Updated - 67 stars

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