Ext(ract) Comments and Documentation including source code from your project. View or save to file.




Xcode plugin for extraction of comments and documentation (including source code). Swift 2 mainly.

ExtComments (Extract Comments) is a Xcode plugin for showing and saving special comments (e.g. "ToDo", "ToFix") and documentations including source code and comments (e.g. "Docu", "API").

ExtComments uses Xcode project navigator for search operations - not the project folder on disc!

ExtComments has comfortable setup dialog for

  • adding/removing comments from search
  • including/excluding navigator groups from search
  • limiting filetypes for search....

ExtComments is written in Swift 2 mainly. Xcode 7.2 is required at least. If you want to use with earlier versions of Xcode, please ask.

Whenever Xcode is updated/upgraded, the plugin needs to be updated as well! Otherwise, it will not load. You may prefer to wait with Xcode-update until ExtComments is updated. This should not take more then three days.

For detailed installation instructions and manual see: www.domroese.berlin