GDB integration for Atom

apm install atom-gdb-debugger@0.2.2


atom-gdb-debugger package

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GDB integration for Atom.

This is still very experimental and under construction. If you try it, please stop by the Gitter channel and let us know what you think.


  • Configurable, per project
  • Provides access to GDB/CLI
  • Show current position in editor
  • Basic run control functions accessible from UI
  • Display breakpoints in editor
  • Inspect threads, call stacks and variables
  • Set up a view of target variables
  • Set watchpoints on target variables
  • Assign new values to target variables

Default key bindings (with GDB/CLI equivalents)

  • F12 Activate package and start GDB
  • F5 Resume target execution (continue)
  • Shift-F5 Interrupt target execution (Ctrl-C/interrupt)
  • F9 Toggle breakpoint on current line in editor (break/delete)
  • F10 Single step, over function calls (next)
  • F11 Single step, into function calls (step)
  • Shift-F11 Resume until return of current function (finish)


Atom Package:

apm install atom-gdb-debugger

Or Settings/Preferences ➔ Packages ➔ Search for atom-gdb-debugger

For development you can also clone the repository directly and install it via:

apm install
apm link .