Simplify importing JavaScript modules.

atom, atom-plugin, importjs, javascript
apm install atom-import-js@1.0.0


ImportJS Atom package

This is the Atom package for ImportJS.


  1. Install the atom-import-js package via Atom's package manager.

  2. Configure import-js for your project (there's no need to globally install import-js for the atom plugin)

  3. Open the root of your project as a folder (File -> Add Project Folder…)

  4. Import a file!

Default keybindings

By default, atom-import-js attempts to set up the following keybindings:

Mapping Action Description
Cmd+Shift+j Import word Import the module for the variable under the cursor.
Cmd+Shift+i Fix imports Import any missing modules and remove any modules that are not used.
Cmd+Shift+k Go to word Go to the module of the variable under the cursor.