A modern and refined UI-theme for any dark syntax theme, featuring supplementary styling for a variety of popular Atom packages.

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apm install atomic-design-ui@1.2.2




Atomic Design aims to provide a modern and refined interface to compliment any dark syntax-theme. In addition, this theme also includes a custom icon set and improved integration of some of the most popular Atom packages.

The screenshot above features the Atomic Monokai Pro syntax-theme and the Operator Mono font.

In Progress:

  • Experimenting with functionalities to improve adaptability.
  • Adding improved integration for common packages.


Atomic Design features a carefully selected color palette and meticulously styled components,
which provides the interface with a sense of depth, receptiveness, and adaptability.
Allowing this theme to be wonderfully complimented by any dark syntax theme.

This UI-theme includes supplementary styling for an expanding collection of popular Atom
packages, providing the same refined interface to all aspects of the user experience.

Atomic Design also features a custom icon set, which aims to integrate distinct custom icons
with the best aspects of popular icon packages to provide improved visual-grepping of
project files, while also preventing the alignment issues that plague
many icon packages and theme combinations.

This UI-theme includes custom settings, which allow users to fine-tune various aspects of
the interface to suit their preference. These settings are accessible via
the button, once the theme is enabled.


This package is distributed via apm. After installing apm, you can install the UI-theme with this command.

$ apm install atomic-design-ui

After installation, the theme can be activated by going to the Themes section in the Settings view and selecting it from the UI Theme drop-down menu.


Once the theme is activated, you can select the    icon to access the modular features of the theme, including:

  • Adaptive Tabs
  • Light/Dark Tree-view
  • Custom Icons