Atom autocomplete+ plugin for semantic JSON completions

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apm install autocomplete-json@5.5.3



** Semantic autocompletion for JSON files**

for dotfiles (.eslintrc, .babelrc, etc)

autocomplete-plus (this package is a plugin for autocomplete-plus) has dotfiles disabled by default for autocompletion. To enable them, go to File -> Settings -> Packages -> autocomplete-plus -> Settings -> File Blacklist and replace the default .* with something that you won't need to be recognized as a filename in files you expect autocomplete, eg.: a space (" " without quotes). If this still doesn't do the trick, make sure Atom recognizes file type correctly - for me .eslintrc was recognized as YAML - change it to JSON if necessary. If this still doesn't help, please open an issue, or feel free to protest against blocking dotfiles here:

how this works

Since 5.0 (it supposed to be 2.0 but I messed up apm publish) was released, this is the way this package works:

  1. Load the available schema "manifest" from
  2. Once a .json file is opened, and autocompletion is activated (CTRL+Space usually), the file name is matched against the fileMatch field in each schema descriptor, and if there's a match, that schema is loaded and used for autocompletion in the given file.
  3. There are also some extra features, like autocompletion for files and dependencies. These are available for the most frequently used schemas, like package.json and tsconfig.json.

** The 5.0 release will most likely cause a lots of issues and bugs, please report if you find any!**


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