Code Time is an open source plugin that provides programming metrics right in Atom.

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apm install code-time@4.3.7


Code Time

Code Time is an open source plugin for automatic programming metrics and time-tracking.

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Getting started

1. Create your web account

Code Time for Atom login prompt

The Code Time web app has data visualizations and settings you can customize, such as your work hours and rates per project for advanced time tracking. You can also connect Google Calendar to visualize your Code Time vs. meetings in a single calendar.

You can connect multiple code editors on multiple devices using the same email account.

2. Track your progress during the day

Code Time for Atom status bar

Your status bar shows you in real-time how many hours and minutes you code each day.

3. Check out your coding activity

To see an overview of your coding activity and project metrics, open the Code Time panel by clicking on the Code Time tracker in your status bar.

Code Time for Atom side bar

In your Activity Metrics, your editor time is the total time you have spent in your editor today. Your code time is the total time you have been typing in your editor today. Each metric shows how you compare today to your average and the global average. Each average is calculated by day of week over the last 90 days (e.g. a Friday average is an average of all previous Fridays).

You can also see your top files today by KPM (keystrokes per minute), keystrokes, and code time.

Your Project Metrics provides a breakdown for the current open project. The Open changes section shows how many lines you have added and deleted before you commit them and the Committed today section summarizes your commits today.

4. Generate your Code Time dashboard

At the end of your first day, open Code Time in your side bar and click Generate dashboard to open your dashboard in a new editor tab. Your dashboard summarizes your coding data—such as your code time by project, lines of code, and keystrokes per minute—today, yesterday, last week, and over the last 90 days.

Code Time for Atom dashboard

Web app data visualizations

Click "See advanced metrics" in the Code Time side bar or visit to see more data visualizations. Here are a few examples of what you will see in your feed after your first week.

Code Time heatmap

Code Time measures your coding activity per hour and summarizes your data in a weekly and 90-day average heatmap. Protect your best times on your heatmap from meetings and interrupts to help boost your productivity.

Code Time for Atom heatmap

Project-based reports

See how much time you spend per project per week. Code Time also lets you set a rate per project and export your data to a CSV.

Code Time for Atom top projects

Work-life balance

How much do you code after hours and weekends? Code Time helps you see your breakdown at work vs. outside work so you can find ways to improve your work-life balance.

Code Time for Atom work life balance

Commit velocity

Code Time integrates with Git, so you can see your speed, frequency, and top files across your commits.

Code Time for Atom commit velocity

It’s safe, secure, and free

We never access your code: We do not process, send, or store your proprietary code. We only provide metrics about programming, and we make it easy to see the data we collect.

Your data is private: We will never share your individually identifiable data with your boss. In the future, we will roll up data into groups and teams but we will keep your data anonymized.

Free for you, forever: We provide 90 days of data history for free, forever. In the future, we will provide premium plans for advanced features and historical data access.

Code Time also collects basic usage metrics to help us make informed decisions about our roadmap.

Get in touch

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Have any questions? Please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.