A colorguide to the current UI & Syntax colors

apm install colorguide@0.2.0


colorguide package

A package to display a guide of the colors used by UI and Syntax themes




Firstly, please forgive me if I do anything wrong - this package is full of firsts - I've not written HTML / CSS / Less / Coffee before and, of course, not written a package for Atom before.

Colorguide will display the "final" values of the custom colors and custom color variables used by a theme - UI and Syntax.

Unfortunately, in order to do this, I must add files into the theme and modify one file. This is nesessary in order to obtain the actual values assigned to each variable.




Colorguide comes with configuration files for several of the popular themes:

  • UI: Atom Material, Isotope, Nucleus Dark, and Seti
  • Syntax: Atom Material, Atom Monokai, Fizzy, Gl-dark, Monokai, and Seti

Colorguide will display the colors values of Atom's required / Official UI and Syntax Variables even if the colorguide configuration files are not added to a theme.

I did not make configuration files for Atom's the out-of-the-box themes because:

  • they do not exist in the packages folder
  • they have only a few custom colors and color variables

Configure A theme

This is an example of how to configure the seti-ui theme:

  • copy the folder colorguide/examples/seti-ui/lib/colorguide into seti-ui/lib/colorguide
  • copy the folder colorguide/examples/seti-ui/styles/colorguide into seti-ui/styles/colorguide
  • add the two import statement into ui-variables.less per the file colorguide/examples/seti-ui/styles/add to ui-variables.less.txt
  • restart or reload Atom - and, of course, make sure that seti-ui is the ui theme

Color Bar Modifications


The background color of the four color bars are set by default to:

  • Top:          #ffffff    (white)
  • Middle-top:    #808080 (gray)
  • Middle-bottom: #000000 (black)
  • Bottom: the editor background color.

The first three background colors can be changed individually for each variable. In the .coffee files, modify a new cgVarColor() object definition to include additional parameter(s):

new cgVarColor(idx, group, category, name, desc, 'top color', 'mid-top color', 'mid-bottom color')

For example, to change the background color of the top color bar for text-color-success shown above, modify the line in the file colorguide/lib/ like this:

new cgVarColor(0.060, g.GRPur1.key, c.CATur1.key, 'text-color-success', 'General Text Color - Success (Green)', '#000080')

Which produces:


For New themes

This is not very complex but will take too long to explain. There are template configuration files in the examples folder:

  • examples/--syntax  - for syntax themes
  • examples/--ui      - for ui themes

Basically, copy the folders into the correct folder for the theme (make the lib folder if needed) and edit them. There are notes in the template files that help understand how to edit them. The important thing to remember is that there must be a 1 to 1 correspondence between the class definitions in the less file and the matching coffee file.

Future Enhancements

Depending on interest, I may add a search function that will help find where a variable is located in the charts.