An Atom plugin for Cybin.

apm install cybin@0.2.0


Cybin plugin for Atom

For info on installing Cybin, please visit:

Then, (after you install this Atom plugin) you can:

  • Open a .cybin file
  • shift+enter to evaluate the current line or selection
  • (cmd/ctrl)+enter to evaluate multiple-lines or selection

Here's the simplest possible example code you can run in Cybin. Cybin looks for a function called __process and, if it exists, executes it cybin.samplerate-times-per-second, pumping the result out of your sound card into your speakers/headphones.

function __process()
  local out=math.random()
  return out,out

The current hotkeys will work if you are currently editing a .cybin file:

shift-ctrl-c:   cybin:boot
shift-cmd-c:    cybin:boot
shift-enter:    cybin:eval
cmd-enter:      cybin:evalBlock
ctrl-enter:     cybin:evalBlock
shift-cmd-h:    cybin:hush
shift-ctrl-h:   cybin:hush


Cybin Path

By default the plugin will assume that cybin is in your $PATH. Please point it to the correct location if you have not added cybin to your path, or if you encounter issues launching cybin from Atom.

Working Directory

This sets Cybin's current working directory. Module imports (calls to require()) will be relative to this path. The plugin will get very upset and throw inscrutable errors if you set this to an invalid/non-existent directory.