A Dart plugin for Atom.

apm install dart@1.0.1


Dart plugin for Atom

A Dart plugin for Atom.

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Getting started

See our getting started guide! This is useful for users new to the plugin and users new to Atom as well.


This is largely a community maintained project, so contributions are welcome :) Please see our guide for contributors.

What is it?

This package is a lightweight, streamlined Dart development plugin for Atom. It supports features like auto-discovery of the Dart SDK, errors and warnings shown as you type, code completion, refactorings, debugging, and integration with Pub and other tools.

Dart plugin for Atom screenshot


  • install Atom atom.io
  • install this dart package (with apm install dart or through the Atom UI)

Sending feedback

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

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Terms and Privacy

The Dart plugin for Atom (the "Plugin") is an open-source project, contributed to by Google. By using the Plugin, you consent to be bound by Google's general Terms of Service and Google's general Privacy Policy.


See the LICENSE file.