Dash documentation integration with Atom

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apm install dash@1.7.1


Atom Dash

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Simple Dash documentation integration for Atom.

Please note: This plugin also works with Velocity or Zeal on Windows, and Zeal on Linux.


apm install dash

Alternatively, open Settings/Preferences -> Install and search for dash.


Look up the word under your cursor or selected text by pressing ctrl-h. This uses a scoped search and searches based on the current file name and selected syntax. If you want to search all documentation, press ctrl-alt-h.

Hint: To open avoid activating Dash, add shift to the command. E.g. ctrl-shift-h. This is useful when Dash is already visible - such as a dual monitor setup.

Adding Docsets

Open the Atom config file Atom -> Config... and add the docsets under the dash object in the following form:

    'JavaScript': [
    'gruntfile.js': [

Please note: File names must be lower case.

Docsets defined in your local configuration will override the default settings. Take a look at the built-in grammar map and built-in filename map for the default configurations.