Dark, bold & colorful theme with file type icons and a customizable background image.

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apm install ghoulish-ui@1.1.3


Ghoulish UI

Colorful, dark and bold UI theme for Atom code editor


  • Customizable tree view gradient
  • File type icons (PHP, Python, Ruby, Sass, etc.)
  • Glowing tab highlight with active page glow, to differentiate windows
  • Glowing selection on tree view
  • Translucent backgrounds that adapt to the color scheme of the syntax theme
  • Customizable background and tree images
  • Highlighted git branch
  • Customizable font size

Compatible syntax themes


The easiest way to install Ghoulish is to do so from the Atom UI:

  • Go to Atom > Settings
  • Click "+ Install"
  • Search for ghoulish ui and click themes button to search.
  • Browse for Ghoulish UI and click install

Alternatively, you can use the Atom Package Manager:

apm install ghoulish-ui

ghoulish screenshot 2

ghoulish screenshot

Background Size

For best appearance, use a background that matches the scale of your desktop resolution.

For example, if your screen resolution is set to 1920 x 1080, also select a background of the same size.

Image Path

You do not have to use the atom:// prefix for your image (unless your image is stored in the Atom config directory, which I wouldn't recommend.)

The image can be stored anywhere on your computer, but make sure its kept locally, on the same drive (or an accessible mount/partition that Atom has at least read access to).

For best results, get the folder path from your file manager's address bar and append the filename (with extension: .png, .jpg, etc.).

If you want to disable file type icons

In index.less change: