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apm install git-diff-plus@0.4.2


Atom git-diff-plus package

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An alternative for git-diff package for :atom: editor.

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git-diff-plus covers every functionality provided by git-diff, which comes with Atom by default, but also provides lots of some additional features and various improvements.

There are mainly three advantages below for you to use git-diff-plus over git-diff.


  1. tracks diffs for every file under .git repository, meaning you can see diffs in files outside of a current project as well as diffs in ones under the current project
    • git-diff can only shows diffs in files under a current project ...
  2. indicates per-file diffs in status-bar as well as in editor gutters
    • image
    • of course you can disable this integration via your config setting
  3. includes a lot of minor improvements/refactors. E.g.:
    • can recognize an newly added repository
    • doesn't cause error after an previously recognized repository is removed
    • gutter icons don't collide with gutter elements exported by atom-ide-ui
    • better disposers, minimal condition checks
    • and etc...


  1. Install :atom:
  2. Install git-diff-plus package: Follow either way below
    • Run command apm install git-diff-plus
    • Follow GUI menu File -> Settings -> Install and search for git-diff-plus and click Install button
  3. Disable git-diff package: Follow either way
    • Run command apm disable git-diff
    • Follow the GUI menu File -> Settings -> Packages and search for git-diff and click Disable button
  4. Open any file under .git repository


  • git-diff package is bundled with Atom by default
  • Disabling git-diff is recommended to avoid duplicated works and collisions of the commands
    • Don't worry, git-diff-plus covers every functionality provided by git-diff
  • On Atom's startup, git-diff-plus would automatically detect if git-diff is activated and if so shows buttons to disable it, thus you can even skip step 3.



Diff indicators in editor gutters:

Config: Show Icons In Editor Gutter false (default) true

Diff indicators in the Status-bar


  • You can click the status-bar tile to invoke Git Diff Plus: Toggle Diff List command
  • Disable this tile via setting config Show Diffs In Status Bar to false


  • Git Diff Plus: Move To Previous Diff (Alt-G Up): move the cursor to the previous diff in the editor
  • Git Diff Plus: Toggle Diff List (Alt-G D): see all the diffs in a current active editor
  • Git Diff Plus: Rebuild Repository Cache: invoke this command when you find diffs for an newly added repository is not recognized

Why not merging to git-diff ?

There is a difficult issue around finding a correct .git repository actually, and the Atom's core team is now trying to solve this in an higher level, thus the specific issues around it are kind of pending.

But still I found the fixes for them are really useful even though they are not perfect, so git-diff-plus is here as a community package. In a sense, this package serves as a temporal remedy for the specific issues like:

I'm really sure the logic to find/subscribe .git repository used in git-diff-plus is much more better than the one used in git-diff, still it may fail to find/subscribe a repository. Even this package works very fine as far as I've used, but in a case you encounter a problem, please help me find issues by reporting it !


This package is under MIT License, which is the modified version of the original one of git-diff package.


This package is originally a clone of git-diff package.


  • Shuhei Kadowaki - undergraduate @ kyoto univ. - aviatesk