Extension providing support for writing Gladiator configuration files.

apm install gladiator@0.1.4


The goal of this extension is to fully support the creation of configuration files for Gladiator test runner from the Arena automated assignment evaluation platform.


  • Python 3.6 or newer to run gladiator-cli tool

  • gladiator-cli installed

Note: to install gladiator-cli execute the following command:

$ pip install --extra-index-url gladiator-cli

Config file activation

.gladiator.yml file is activated after opening it in Atom (making it an active editor). Until no other .gladiator.ymlis made active by opening it, the functionality is tied to this file.

Provided features

  • Code completion based on schema.

  • Static code analysis based on schema.

  • ctrl + click on file paths to open them.

  • Outline for YAML files.

  • Score outline for problemset files.

  • Hover support.

  • Icon in the right bottom corner indicating existence of .gladiator.yml file. Clicking on this icon opens the given file.

  • Ability to create problemset file, divided into multiple subfiles connected together with include comments.

  • Automatic schema association with .gladiator.yml, problemset and variants files.

  • Path validation in .gladiator.yml and include comments.