A syntax theme for Atom with colors from Rick and Morty on a dark barkground

apm install inter-dimensional-syntax@1.4.0


Tom B

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Inter Dimensional Syntax Theme for Atom

A syntax theme for Atom with colors from Rick and Morty on a dark barkground. The code is mostly based on the Dracula for Atom syntax theme. The colors have been curated from the animated TV show Rick and Morty with.



Because the code base is Dracula, which is possibly the best coded themes that I have found so far, many languages work great. The following languages have been tested and optimized for experience, click of the language for a screenshot of the syntax in action:

To Do

  • Still testing colors and accepting suggestions
    • If you have one, please change the colors first and provide a screenshot of the adjustment here.


Version 1.3.0

  • Updated screenshots

Version 1.2.0

  • Correction to apm publish

Version 1.1.0

  • Changes to colors.less
    • @foreground changed to @rick-lab-coat
  • Changes to syntax-variables.less
    • @syntax-color-renamed darkened 10%
    • @syntax-color-added darkened 30%
    • @syntax-color-modified darkened 10%
    • @syntax-color-removed darkened 20%
  • Changes to base.less
    • .selection .region lightened by 10%
    • .line.cursor-line lightened by 5%
    • atom-text-editor .gutter .line-number.git-line-added (border-left-width) changed from 5px to 3px
    • .syntax--keyword removed font-weight: bold;
    • atom-text-editor .highlight.find-result .region (background) lightened by 17%
    • atom-text-editor .highlight.current-result .region, atom-text-editor .highlight.current-result ~ .highlight.selection .region (background) lightened by 10%

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial publication