Common Lisp Highlighting & Support in Atom

apm install language-common-lisp@0.9.5


Common Lisp Highlighting & Support in Atom

An awesome package lovingly created to support proper syntax highlighting of Common Lisp files.

(If you want Emacs Lisp highlighting use Alhadis' Emacs Highlighting package)

This is not converted from the Textmate Bundle, and therefore does not have the shortcomings of said bundle!


There are some flaws in parsing lambda-lists, especially ones with &optional (foo "bar") type things in it. Since parsing that is not regular (I don't think) I am probably going to have to re-write it in an actual language. So just be careful and let me know if you know how to fix it! Thanks! :-D


  • Get Complex numbers #c(5.0 3/2) working properly.
  • Remove a lot of the scheme/Racket-isms that are in the code, as I have use a LOT of their regexes to jump-start this work.
  • Get loop and all of it's keywords working just fine.
  • Set the read-macro regex, especially for pathnames
  • Fix typing the single quote character ' so it doesn't auto-fill a second one
  • Other stuff I haven't thought of yet...