Clinical Quality Language support in Atom

apm install language-cql@2.4.0


Clinical Quality Language (CQL) Support in Atom

Adds syntax highlighting to CQL files in Atom, a free and open source editor.

CQL Syntax Highlighting Screenshot

How to Install

The cql-language package has been published to the Atom package repository, so installation is simple:

  1. If you don't have Atom, download and install it.
  2. Install the cql-language package by follow the instructions for installing packages a. The cql-language package requires both a Java v1.8 runtime and a correct Java Path. If the installation fails to detect either, you will be prompted to download and install Java and/or set a correct Java Path.

Using the CQL support in Atom

After you've installed the cql-language package, open any .cql file in Atom. As long as the file has the .cql extension, syntax highlighting will be automatically applied.

NOTE: Syntax highlighting makes editing and reviewing CQL files easier, but does not validate the technical or syntactic validity of the CQL statements. This package does not flag invalid CQL.

More About the Clinical Quality Language

The Clinical Quality Language (CQL) is a domain specific language for expressing electronic clinical quality measures (eCQM) and clinical decision support rules (CDS) in an author-friendly computable format. Find out more about CQL:

Local Plugin Development

  • uninstall the language-cql package if you have it installed
  • run npm install in the root directory to install dependencies
  • run apm link to create a symbolic link from the git directories to the working directory
    • working directory can be found at .atom\packages\language-cql
  • reload workspace to get updates (ctr-shift-f5)


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