(╯°□°)╯⌒ C#

apm install language-howl@0.3.4


Howl notation support in Atom

Howl is a symbolic notation for the C# programming language 〜

‒ ㅇ Encloses(Rep ⧕) → ⦿.b❙ ☰ ⧕.b❙ ? ✗ : ⦿.b.∋(⧕.b);

C# equiv:

public bool Encloses(Rep that)
    => this.b.Length == that.b.Length ? false
    : this.b.Contains(that.b);

This package provides:

  • A set of snippets; C# in, Howl out. For example typing public partial class outputs ‒ᴾ ○
  • Syntax highlighting

Development notes

For development this can be cloned to ~/.atom/packages

After updating the grammar and up to npm, update tree-sitter-howl version in package.json then:

cd ~/.atom/packages/language-howl
apm install

Use ⌘ + SHIFT + P and rel to reload the package.

When all good apm publish (automatically pushes)