Rust language support for Atom (maintained)

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apm install language-rust-redux@0.3.3


Rust language support in Atom

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Adds syntax highlighting and snippets for Rust files in Atom.


Install the package language-rust-redux from within Atom (Preferences->Packages) or through Atom's package manager:

$ apm install language-rust-redux

JSON grammar

To obtain a JSON version of the grammar for use in other supported editors, run the npm script "cson2json" and grammars/rust.json will be generated.

$ npm install
$ npm run cson2json

Key changes from other grammars

Previews taken with Firewatch syntax.

  • The latest syntax, such as the ? operator
  • Format macro syntax highlighting
  • Markdown syntax highlighting in doc comments
  • Invalid syntax common in similar languages

  • Common mistake recognition
  • Improved keyword context (where actually works, unsafe allowed in more places)
  • Numerous fixes: lifetimes in associated type definitions, fn in function arguments, and nested block comments

Bugs and suggestions

If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions for improvement, please submit an issue with a full description and example code.