Vim Script language support for Atom

atom, syntax-highlighting, vim, viml, vimscript
apm install language-viml@1.1.10


Vim script highlighting for Atom and GitHub

If Bram Moolenaar wrote CoffeeScript

Originally ported from a VimL highlighting bundle for TextMate, though very little of the original code still remains.

Usage on GitHub

This repository is used by GitHub Linguist to power Vim script highlighting across the site:

" ~/.vimrc
set encoding=utf-8
filetype on
syntax enable
highlight OverLength ctermbg=red ctermfg=white guibg=#592929

if b:current_syntax =~ "gitcommit"
	match OverLength /\%>72v.\+/
	match NONE

The grammar still has a few rough edges, which I'm working on smoothing out when I find them. If you've noticed something flaky-looking, please [open an issue] with a sample of the affected code. Seriously.

My editors of choice are Atom and Emacs, so my knowledge of Vim script is rudimentary at best. Chances are you know more about this language than I do.