Terraform lint via validate or plan

atom-editor, atom-package, linter, terraform
apm install linter-terraform-syntax@1.4.1




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Linter-Terraform-Syntax aims to provide functional and robust terraform validate and plan linting functionality within Atom.


Terraform >= 0.11 is required to be installed before using this. The Linter and Language-Terraform Atom packages are also required.

Notice This (1.4.1) is the final version that will support Terraform < 0.12.


  • In the package settings there is an option to use terraform plan instead of terraform validate. Both options will show syntax errors for files in the current directory and notify non-syntax validation errors for the current directory. The plan option will additionally notify non-syntax plan errors for the current directory, but it will take longer to execute. As of Terraform version 0.10, terraform validate now catches many more issues that it previously missed and terraform plan found.
  • To quickly and easily access issues in other files, you will need to change the settings inside Linter-UI-Default. For Panel Represents and/or Statusbar Represents, you will need to change their options to Entire Project. This will allow you to use either display to quickly access issues in other files by clicking on the displayed information. Note this will not work on directory issues since a directory cannot be opened in a pane.
  • Terraform >= 0.12 is fully supported. Although your version will be auto-detected by this package, you should verify the config setting for it yourself. This is especially true if you switch Terraform versions without reloading Atom. Note that only validate linting functionality changes in >= 0.12. Note also that config settings related to variables are ignored in Terraform >= 0.12 validate.
  • There is a bug for some providers (e.g. Digital Ocean) where disabling Check Required Variables (only relevant for 0.11 validate) will disable ALL validation checks. Please be aware of this and upgrade or switch to plan accordingly.