This package is linting LaTeX files for spelling and grammar errors

apm install linter-yalafi@0.2.0


linter-yalafi - Checks your LaTeX documents

linter-yalafi is an Atom package that lints LaTeX documents with respect to grammar and spelling using LanguageTool. To filter any LaTeX commands YaLafi is used.


Using the Atom package manager:

apm install lint-yalafi

You also have to install linter:

apm install linter

Since this is an interface to YaLafi it also has to be installed. The easiest way is to use pip:

pip install yalafi

Using a local LanguageTool Server

If you do not want to use the LanguageTool online server you also need to install Java and LanguageTool. More information on how to install LanguageTool can be found here.

Then you can set the 'LanguageTool path' in the settings. It should point to the directory containing e.g. 'languagetool-server.jar'. This package will then start the server if it is not already running. You can also start the server manually by invoking YaLafi yourself, e.g. with python -m --lt-server my file.tex.

For even better spell-checking one can use n-gram data to find errors with words that are often confused. More information and the n-gram data can be found here. After downloading and unzipping, you have to set the 'LanguageTool path for n-gram data' in the settings.

Important: The 'LanguageTool server options' and also the n-gram data path is only used at first server startup. Just changing the settings will not give you any results unless you manually kill the server.