Markdown table editor/formatter

atom-package, javascript, markdown
apm install markdown-table-editor@1.1.2



Markdown table editor/formatter


Quick guide

  1. Set editor's grammar to GitHub Markdown or Markdown.
  2. Input a pipe | and some content (the cursor position is indicated by _).
    | foo_
    (If you are using language-markdown, don't forget a space after a pipe.)
  3. Hit tab to move to the next cell.
    | foo | _
    | --- |
  4. Continue typing.
    | foo | bar | _
    | --- | --- |
  5. Hit enter to move to the next row.
    | foo | bar |
    | --- | --- |
    | _   |     |
  6. Continue typing...
    | foo | bar |
    | --- | --- |
    | baz | _   |
  7. Hit esc to finish editing the table.
    | foo | bar |
    | --- | --- |
    | baz |     |


  • Format tables
  • Move the cursor from cell to cell
  • Alter column's alignment
  • Insert and delete rows and columns


Name Description Keybinding
Next Cell Move to the next cell tab
Previous Cell Move to the previous cell shift + tab
Next Row Move to the next row enter
Escape Escape from the table escape
Format Just format the table
Format All Format all the tables in the text editor
Align Left Left-align the column
Align Right Right-align the column
Align Center Center-align the column
Align None Unset alignment of the column
Select Cell Select the cell content
Move Left Move to the left cell
Move Right Move to the right cell
Move Up Move to the upper cell
Move Down Move to the lower cell
Insert Row Insert an empty row
Delete Row Delete the row
Move Row Up Move the row up
Move Row Down Move the row down
Insert Column Insert an empty column
Delete Column Delete the column
Move Column Left Move the column left
Move Column Right Move the column right
Toggle Format On Save Toggle "Format On Save" config
Switch Format Type Switch "Format Type" config
Set Format Type Normal Set "Format Type" config to "Normal"
Set Format Type Weak Set "Format Type" config to "Weak"

(To input a newline in a table, press shift + enter (or some equivalent) instead.)

You can execute commands from the command palette (Windows, Linux: ctrl + shift + p / macOS: cmd + shift + p) or from the Packages menu.

It will be more convenient if you add some keybindings to your keymap.cson. Here are the ones which I use:

  'cmd-left'           : 'markdown-table-editor:move-left'
  'cmd-right'          : 'markdown-table-editor:move-right'
  'cmd-up'             : 'markdown-table-editor:move-up'
  'cmd-down'           : 'markdown-table-editor:move-down'
  'shift-cmd-left'     : 'markdown-table-editor:align-left'
  'shift-cmd-right'    : 'markdown-table-editor:align-right'
  'shift-cmd-up'       : 'markdown-table-editor:align-center'
  'shift-cmd-down'     : 'markdown-table-editor:align-none'
  'alt-shift-cmd-left' : 'markdown-table-editor:move-column-left'
  'alt-shift-cmd-right': 'markdown-table-editor:move-column-right'
  'alt-shift-cmd-up'   : 'markdown-table-editor:move-row-up'
  'alt-shift-cmd-down' : 'markdown-table-editor:move-row-down'
  'cmd-k cmd-i'        : 'markdown-table-editor:insert-row'
  'cmd-k alt-cmd-i'    : 'markdown-table-editor:delete-row'
  'cmd-k cmd-j'        : 'markdown-table-editor:insert-column'
  'cmd-k alt-cmd-j'    : 'markdown-table-editor:delete-column'


Q. My table does not align well when dealing with Chinese characters

A. Use a monospaced font that includes glyphs for Chinese characters, such as Noto Sans Mono CJK. markdown-table-editor supports East Asian characters including Chinese characters :)

For developers

This package is based on markdown-table-editor kernel, which provides a text editor independent implementation of the functionality of the package. You can create a markdown-table-editor plugin for your favorite text editor with ease!