A beautifully minimal, subtly animated, and carefully designed Atom syntax theme that lets you focus on what matters: your code. For best results, use with the nebula-ui theme.

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apm install nebula-syntax@0.4.5


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Nebula Syntax

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An Atom theme that's out of this world.
Works best when paired with the nebula-ui theme

Nebula theme screenshot

Nebula colors

Meet the colors.

Every great theme starts with great colors.
Five are not enough. Seven are too many.
A family of six, beautiful colors was chosen
through a critical and structured process.

Have your eye candy. And see it, too.

All six colors were painstakingly tested for ergonomics,
legibility, and aesthetics on several monitor configurations,
including sRGB, Adobe RGB, miscalibrated, grayscale, HDR,
high-contrast, low-contrast, f.lux, and more.

Multichromatic. Monochromatic.

All colors were tested together a monochromatic
environment to ensure their contrast levels match so
no single color catches your eye more than the others do.


Get more done with Focus Mode.

Modals fly above your code. Inputs come to life when focused.
And with the all-new Focus Mode, elements gracefully fade into
the deep blue-gray background when you're not looking at them.


A theme that's just your type.

The human mind takes 13 milliseconds to recognize a letter.
Multiply that by millions of letters every day, and properly-set type
saves time, reduces eye strain, and can save you a few headaches.
Nebula recommends SF Mono for code. It's fantastic.

The little things.

Additional features

Use the nebula-ui and nebula-syntax themes together and get all these awesome features.

  • Fading elements don't only fade in opacity, but also in saturation.
  • Tabs fade when not hovered.
  • Comments brighten on hover or when they're in the active line
  • Comment brightness splashes downward to the next comment line, if there is one
  • The tree-view fades away when not hovered.
  • The minimap, when installed, fades when it's not being used.
  • Scrollbars glow while being dragged.
  • Matching tags produce a subtle deep blue glow under them.
  • Tabs fade when not hovered.
  • Buttons fill upwards with a glowing blue effect when they're pressed.
  • All open tabs stretch to take the full width of the tab bar.
  • Tab close buttons, normally red, are blue when the file has been modified.
  • If you'd rather have full brightness on all UI elements, just toggle Focus Mode off in the Nebula UI preferences!
  • Syntax errors detected in your code pulse a deep red underglow:
    Error Pulsing

Made with <3 by TJ Kohli