A toolbar aimed at developers of Atom packages and syntax themes

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apm install package-developer-toolbar@1.2.1


Package Developer Toolbar

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A toolbar aimed at developers of Atom packages and syntax themes, based on the tool-bar package.



Install package-developer-toolbar from Atom's Package Manager or the command-line equivalent:

$ apm install package-developer-toolbar

Using Git

Change to your Atom packages directory:

# Windows
$ cd %USERPROFILE%\.atom\packages

# Linux & macOS
$ cd ~/.atom/packages/

Clone repository as package-developer-toolbar:

$ git clone https://github.com/idleberg/atom-package-developer-toolbar package-developer-toolbar

Inside the cloned directory, install Node dependencies:

$ yarn || npm install


This package makes use of atom-package-deps to automatically install additional packages it depends on. However, you might have to restart Atom in order to use them.


Toggle and position the menu from the Packages > Toolbar menu.

Available Buttons


Buttons from left to right:

  • Generate Package¹
  • Generate Syntax Theme¹
  • Open Package²
  • Open Configuration Folder³
  • Open Packages Folder³
  • Open Project Folder(s)³
  • Reveal File³
  • Show Settings
  • Open Your Config
  • Install Packages/Themes
  • Update Packages/Themes
  • Toggle Developer Tools
  • Re-open file in Dev Mode⁶ / Open in Dev Mode
  • Timecop⁴
  • Deprecation Cop⁵
  • Run Package Specs
  • Satisfy Dependencies⁷
  • Open localStorage⁸
  • Reload Window

¹⁾ provided by package-generator
²⁾ provided by open-package
³⁾ provided by browse
⁴⁾ provided by timecop or timecop-2
⁵⁾ provided by deprecation-cop
⁶⁾ provided by open-in-developer-mode
⁷⁾ provided by satisfy-dependencies
⁸⁾ provided by local-storage


This work is licensed under the The MIT License.


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