PHP formatting - PhpF is a phpfmt wrapper with project overrides..

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apm install phpf@1.0.3



PhpF is a package for Atom which will have your code looking polished in no time.

Simply configure it to your desired standards and your bad code formatting anxiety will fade away*..

Project Overrides

Create custom formatting standards per project. Run the PhpF Create Project Config command from the menu or command palette to quickly generate a phpf.cson project configuration file in your project root. Customise your project settings and commit them to your repo to share amongst your team!

Note: All options in the package settings screen will be overridden by those specified in the phpf.cson project configuration file

Exclude Files / Directories

PhpF allows you to exclude files and directories from being formatted. Just throw them in the project config or the settings screen!



php 5.6 or newer


phpfmt is a php archive which beautifies your PHP code, following configurable coding guidelines.

You will need to download a copy of phpfmt. There are several versions of it floating around the internet

Try starting with these...

Drop it somewhere like /usr/local/bin and add the path to the PhpF package settings screen within atom.

*Hopefully, fingers crossed, no guarantees


1.0.3 -- 09/08/2017

  • [Fixed] Fixed bug in project config file validation when phpf.cson is not present

1.0.2 -- 08/08/2017

  • [Fixed] Fixed and package version

1.0.1 -- 08/08/2017

  • [Fixed] Fixed issue when installing package or creating a project configuration file and no project root existed

1.0.0 -- 08/08/2017

  • [Added] phpf.cson project configuration file validation
  • [Added] Ability to exclude files / folders via globbing within settings panel and phpf.cson project configuration file
  • [Improved] Cleaned up

0.1.2 -- 04/08/2017

  • [Improved] Cleaned up project configuration template

0.1.1 -- 04/08/2017

  • [Improved] Updated project description