React / Redux snippets (ES5/6/6+)

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Snippets of React, Redux, Eslint, ES6 for Atom editor


The means the TAB key

React JS

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imr⇥ import React
imrd⇥ import ReactDom
impt⇥ import PropTypes
imrc⇥ import React, Component
imrp⇥ import React, PropTypes
imrcp⇥ import React, Component, PropTypes
props⇥ this.props
state⇥ this.state
rss⇥ setState (object)
rssf⇥ setState (function)
rssfc⇥ setState (optional callback)
rcm⇥ Children map
rcfe⇥ Children forEach
rcc⇥ Children count
rco⇥ Children only
rcta⇥ Children toArray
rc⇥ simple React Component
rsc⇥ simple React Stateless Component
rcon⇥ React Constructor
ren⇥ React render
cp⇥ Destructured props
cs⇥ Destructured state


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ex⇥ export
exd⇥ export default
met⇥ add method

React Router

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push⇥ import push action from React Router Redux
iml⇥ Router: import Link
imnl⇥ Router: import Navlink
link⇥ Router: Link
navlink⇥ Router: NavLink


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rrd⇥ Redux: Reducer
rcdx⇥ Redux: class skeleton
rxm⇥ Redux: middleware skeleton
rxr⇥ Redux: reducer skeleton
rxms⇥ Redux: mapStateToProps
rxmd⇥ Redux: mapDispatchToProps
rxc⇥ Redux: connect
imco⇥ import Redux Connect

React lifecycle

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cwm⇥ componentWillMount
cdm⇥ componentDidMount
cwrp⇥ componentWillReceiveProps
scu⇥ shouldComponentUpdate
cwu⇥ componentWillUpdate
cdu⇥ componentDidUpdate
cwun⇥ componentWillUnmount
gdsfp⇥ getDerivedStateFromProps
gsbu⇥ getSnapshotBeforeUpdate
cdc⇥ componentDidCatch


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dp⇥ defaultProps
pt⇥ propTypes
pta⇥ PropTypes.array
ptar⇥ PropTypes.array.isRequired
ptb⇥ PropTypes.bool
ptbr⇥ PropTypes.bool.isRequired
ptf⇥ PropTypes.func
ptfr⇥ PropTypes.func.isRequired
ptn⇥ PropTypes.number
ptnr⇥ PropTypes.number.isRequired
ptobj⇥ PropTypes.object
ptobjr⇥ PropTypes.object.isRequired
pts⇥ PropTypes.string
ptsr⇥ PropTypes.string.isRequired
ptnode⇥ PropTypes.node
ptnoder⇥ PropTypes.node.isRequired
pte⇥ PropTypes.element
pter⇥ PropTypes.element.isRequired
pti⇥ PropTypes.instanceOf
ptir⇥ PropTypes.instanceOf.isRequired
ptof⇥ PropTypes.oneOf
ptofr⇥ PropTypes.oneOf.isRequired
ptoft⇥ PropTypes.oneOfType
ptoftr⇥ PropTypes.oneOfType.isRequired
ptao⇥ PropTypes.arrayOf
ptaor⇥ PropTypes.arrayOf.isRequired
ptobjo⇥ PropTypes.objectOf
ptobjor⇥ PropTypes.objectOf.isRequired
ptshape⇥ PropTypes.shape
ptshaper⇥ PropTypes.shape.isRequired
ptany⇥ PropTypes.any
ptanyr⇥ PropTypes.any.isRequired


  1. Fork it!
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -m 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request


MIT License


The React.js snippets were originally created by vaeum in Atom React in ES5 syntax.