Quick keymap to reveal a file in finder.

atom, atom-plugin
apm install reveal-in-finder@0.1.0


Reveal In Finder

This is a little hack that I did so I could map a key binding to reveal the current file in finder. Its pretty minimal and it wouldn't be hard to generalize if only there was a software developer around.

Map it like:

  'alt-cmd-r': 'reveal-in-finder:reveal'

Then hit that puppy to reveal the current file's parent directory in a Finder window.

I have not done any form of thorough testing, I only know it works on my machine (Mac OS running High Sierra). The whole thing relies on running a child process for open '<DIRECTORY>' so if that command does not work in your terminal then this package is not for you.


It's on the marketplace, so the regular channels should work.

If not, see the hack below.

Hack Install

I did this before I published to the marketplace.

cd ~/.atom/packages
git clone
cd atom-reveal-in-finder
apm install
apm link .