Run code in Atom without Chinese encoding errors!

apm install script-fudan@237.2.0



Run code in Atom without encoding errors!

Why should I use Script-Fudan over Script?

Note that this is a fork of rgbkrk/atom-script. This package solved Chinese encoding errors when running Java programs under Windows with Chinese language setting. If you are using macOS or *nix or using another system language, this fork is not for you.

解决在中文 Windows 系统下使用 atom-script 插件运行 Java 程序时出现的编码错误,包括中文报错信息及中文输出乱码。

Tips: For further information about currently supported grammars, usage and development, please refer to rgbkrk/atom-script.


apm install script-fudan or search for script-fudan within package search in the Settings View.

Command and shortcut reference

Command Mac OS X Linux/Windows Notes
Script: Run cmd-i shift-ctrl-b If text is selected a "Selection Based" is used instead of a "File Based" run
Script: Run by Line Number shift-cmd-j shift-ctrl-j If text is selected the line number will be the last
Script: Run Options shift-cmd-i shift-ctrl-alt-o Runs the selection or whole file with the given options
Script: Run with profile shift-cmd-k shift-ctrl-alt-b Runs the selection or whole file with the specified profile
Script: Close View esc or ctrl-w esc Closes the script view window
Script: Kill Process ctrl-c ctrl-q Kills the current script process