Automatically takes care of the file syncing when you are working.

apm install silent-sync@1.2.1


Silent Sync

Build Status

Silent Sync is built for simplicity and clarity. With minimal setup, it automates the uploading process of working with a remote server.

Warning: this plugin is not yet compatible with *windows*, please check back in a week or two as it's under active development (unfortunately no longer active due to the lack of time, please check out atom-sync instead.) 😄. (Of course, any help is greatly appreciated!)


apm install silent-sync


  • Run your project both locally and on a remote environment through automatic uploading.
  • A nice little status bar widget


Through atom's settings panel

  • Use configuration file: Use silent-sync.json instead of the settings panel, recommended for individual projects. See documentation for more details.
  • Missing configuration file notification: When Use configuration file is selected, notify if silent-sync.json is missing.
  • Enabled: Only works when Use configuration file is off. Enable Silent Sync for your project.
  • Host: The SSH host. eg.
  • Username: The SSH username. eg. someone Note: authentication can only be done through an SSH key. Here's a nice tutorial about it.
  • Remote Directory: The absolute path of the remote server (without the backslash). eg. /home/someone/Projects/myproject.
  • Excluded files: An array of excluded files, relative to project root. (with first backslash, separated by commas) eg. /node_modules, /someDir, /someSubDir.
  • Included files: Included files (that are excluded above, eg. subdirectories/files of excluded), same format as the excluded.
  • Delete Remote Files: Remove any remote files that aren't present locally.
  • Flags: Custom flags for Rsync, defaults to 'avz'. A list of flags can be found here.

Using silent-sync.json (Recommended)

using a configuration file has the benefit of having a unique configuration for each project.

Enable Use configuration file in atom's settings panel and add a silent-sync.json to your project root.

example silent-sync.json

  "enabled": true,
  "host": "",
  "port": 22,
  "username": "someone",
  "remoteDir": "/home/someone/Projects/myproject",
  "exclude": [
  "include": [
  "rsyncFlags": "avz"

After modifying the settings, restart the plugin by toggling it twice with ctrl-alt-s or using the menu to see the change take effect.


Error Possible Reasons
Code 255 Cannot connect to server. 1. Server is down. 2. Key file does not match. 3. Host is not trusted (try to ssh [YOUR_HOST] in terminal and try again.)
Always displaying SilentSync: Syncing Large projects can take a bit of time to sync. If it takes way too long, please create an issue with the steps to reproduce the problem.

Note: This is my first plugin, please feel free to send pull requests or report issues and bugs!