Write beautiful state charts

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apm install state-machine-cat-preview@4.6.5


Atom State Machine Cat Preview package

Write beautiful state charts.

Shows the rendered finite state machine diagram of the smcat or scxml in your current editor window when you press ctrl-shift-G.

Enabled for .smcat and .scxml files

animated gif demoing live preview of a simple state chart


  • syntax highlighting
  • realtime rendering of your state machine diagram
  • SVG export - to file or clipboard
  • PNG export - to file
  • Uses the pure javascript state-machine-cat package for parsing and rendering. That supports most UML state machine elements. Apart from states and transitions:
    • initial, final, choice, join, fork, junction, history, deep history and destroy pseudo states
    • nested state machines
    • parallel states
    • state activities
    • transition events, conditions and actions
    • notes
  • realtime rendering of SCXML documents

See the short, illustrated tutorial for details.

License information

This software is free software licensed under the MIT license.

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