Jump to a function/method in the current editor with `cmd-r`.

apm install symbols-view@0.118.4


Symbols View package

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Display the list of functions/methods in the editor.

If your project has a tags/.tags/TAGS/.TAGS file at the root then following are supported:

Command Description Keybinding (Linux) Keybinding (macOS) Keybinding (Windows)
symbols-view:toggle-file-symbols Show all symbols in current file ctrl-r cmd-r ctrl-r
symbols-view:toggle-project-symbols Show all symbols in the project ctrl-shift-r cmd-shift-r ctrl-shift-r
symbols-view:go-to-declaration Jump to the symbol under the cursor ctrl-alt-down cmd-alt-down
symbols-view:return-from-declaration Return from the jump ctrl-alt-up cmd-alt-up

This package uses ctags.