Add a sorting feature for the Atom tree-view package.

atom, atom-package
apm install tree-view-sort@0.12.1


tree-view-sort package

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Add a sorting feature for the Atom tree-view package.


Sort By

  • File name
  • File name (ignore extension)
  • File extension name
  • File size
  • File access time
  • File change time
  • File modify time
  • File creation time
  • File group name ("file group" means "component", "directive" etc, e.g. "a.component.js" "b.component.js" "a.directive.js" "b.directive.js")

Descending Sorting

You can set descending sorting or ascending sorting.

Case-Sensitive Sorting

You can set case-sensitive sorting or case-insensitive sorting.

Sorting Folders

Using the Sorting Folders will sort the folders, otherwise the folders will not be sorted. This option does not affect the option of the sort folders before or after files.

Sort Folders Before or After Files

When listing directory items, list subdirectories before or after files.

Directories to apply to

You can define a RegEx pattern of which folders to apply these settings to, or leave blank and apply to all folders.