Adds a wordnet interface to atom to easily access definitions and synonyms.

atom-editor, definitions, synonyms, thesaurus, wordnet
apm install wordnet@0.2.0


atom-wordnet package

A Wordnet wrapper to display definitions and insert/replace with synonyms. The package uses lemmatisation to suggest alternatives even for inflected words, and part of speech tagging to suggest the correct words.

Warning: It downloads and extracts the whole WordNet (~30mb) database.



At the moment this package has no keybindings in the standard editor environment, so you can find those that work best for you, and to avoid clashes. If you would like keybindings, copy these lines to your keymap.cson (and change the keys if you like)

  'alt-s': 'wordnet:synonyms-for-cursor'

to find a synonym for the word under the current cursor and

  'alt-a': 'wordnet:search-synonyms'

to find a synonym for a word you can enter into the search bar. Use tab/shift-tab or left/right to scroll through suggestions, and enter to paste the highlighted word to the cursor.

Potential Future Improvements

  • fuzzy search + suggestions for words under cursor
  • automatic expansion of the currently typed word in the wordnet-search
  • use user-defined fields from the wordnet database (e.g. categorisation, similar-to, or antonyms)
  • a helper-pane showing a definition for the word currently under the cursor
  • integrate with other packages using the natural package and therefore having a wordnet-copy already