Plan 9 is a (relatively) new computer operating system and associated utilities. It was built by the Computing Science Research Center of Bell Laboratories (now part of Alcatel-Lucent), the same group that developed Unix, C, and C++. Plan 9 is a distributed system, able to make use of different kinds of resources and servers spread across almost any network. It has very low resource requirement compared to most systems, has a very consistent, simple design, and performs very well. The paper Plan 9 from Bell Labs ( gives a good in-depth introduction to the system.

Language: C

Plan 9 from Bell Labs

This repository holds the source code and supporting files for Plan 9 from Bell Labs in Mercurial. (There is a version of Mercurial for Plan 9.)

It was initially synchronised on 9 August 2015 from the sources archive at Bell Labs using the CD image snapshot. No further updates are expected to be made to that archive.

This repository will be updated with bug fixes and changes from many sources, including other Plan 9 distributions and variants.


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