Minimalist emacs major mode for viewing and editing hg status.

Language: Emacs Lisp

Minimalist emacs major mode for viewing and editing hg repo status for the current directory.


The Action column shows the action we've marked down for the file in question. These are set with mnemonic keys (see below). The ! command executes all pending marked actions, prompting for a commit message if necessary.

The B column shows the status Before any action is taken (i.e., the current status). The A column shows the status After Action is taken (i.e., the goal status). The status letters' meaning is as in the output of hg status (with the excepton of D which doesn't apply there):

M = modified
A = added
R = removed
C = clean
! = missing (deleted by non-hg command, but still tracked)
? = not tracked
I = ignored
D = deleted (using /bin/rm)

Here's what it looks like after marking down some actions: screenshot2

Finally, here are all the valid Action setting commands for each state:

Change   Action  Key     Change  Action  Key
--------------------     -------------------
M -> C   commit  `c`     R -> D  commit  `c`
M -> !   delete  `d`     R -> C  revert  `r`
M -> R   forget  `-`     ! -> C  revert  `r`
M -> C   revert  `r`     ! -> R  forget  `-`
A -> C   commit  `c`     ? -> A  add     `a`
A -> !   delete  `d`     ? -> D  delete  `d`
A -> ?   forget  `-`     ? -> I  ignore  `i`
A -> ?   revert  `r`     I -> A  add     `a`

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