Language: Emacs Lisp

Some features of this emacs

  • separate your Emacs config from all the litter files that packages produce: .emacs-home is where you keep your Emacs code .emacs.d is where Emacs keeps its junk


Copy this repo into your Dropbox, and then link to it as:

cd $HOME && \
  ln -s <DIR_ON_DROPBOX> ~/.emacs-home && \
  mkdir ~/.emacs.d && \
  ln -s ~/.emacs-home/init.el ~/.emacs.d/init.el

Alternately, you can just check it out into your home dir and then link the "cloud" directory to your Dropbox or other synchronized storage.

cd $HOME && \
   git checkout $REPO_URL .emacs-home && \
   ln -s <DIR_ON_DROPBOX> ~/.emacs-home/cloud && \
   mkdir ~/.emacs.d && \
   ln -s ~/.emacs-home/init.el ~/.emacs.d/init.el

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