ago: a python module for human readable time deltas. Install: easy_install ago

Language: Python

What are human readable timedeltas? makes customizable human readable timedeltas, for example:

Testing past tense:

Russell commented 1 year, 127 days, 16 hours ago
You replied 1 year, 127 days ago

Testing future tense:

Program will shutdown in 2 days, 3 hours, 27 minutes
Job will run 2 days, 3 hours from now

How to install

There are a number of ways to install this package.

You could run this ad hoc command:

pip install ago

or specify ago under the setup_requires list within your setuptools-compatible project's file.

How to use

The ago module comes with three functions:

  1. human
  2. delta2dict
  3. get_delta_from_subject

You really only need to worry about human.

Here are all the available arguments and defaults:

human(subject, precision=2, past_tense='{} ago', future_tense='in {}', abbreviate=False):
a datetime, timedelta, or timestamp (integer/float) object to become human readable
precision (default 2):
the desired amount of unit precision
past_tense (default '{} ago'):
the format string used for a past timedelta
future_tense (default 'in {}'):
the format string used for a future timedelta
abbreviate (default False):
boolean to abbreviate units

Here is an example on how to use human:

from ago import human
from ago import delta2dict

from datetime import datetime
from datetime import timedelta

# pretend this was stored in database
db_date = datetime(year=2010, month=5, day=4, hour=6, minute=54, second=33, microsecond=4000)

# to find out how long ago, use the human function
print 'Created ' + human( db_date )

# optionally pass a precision
print 'Created ' + human( db_date, 3 )
print 'Created ' + human( db_date, 6 )

We also support future dates and times:

PAST = PRESENT - timedelta( 492, 58711, 45 ) # days, secs, ms
FUTURE = PRESENT + timedelta( 2, 12447, 963 ) # days, secs, ms

print human( FUTURE )

Example past_tense and future_tense keyword arguments:

output1 = human( PAST,
  past_tense = 'titanic sunk {0} ago',
  future_tense = 'titanic will sink in {0} from now'

output2 = human( FUTURE,
  past_tense = 'titanic sunk {0} ago',
  future_tense = 'titanic will sink in {0} from now'

print output1
# titanic sunk 1 year, 127 days ago
print output2
# titanic will sink in 2 days, 3 hours from now

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