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%% Readme file for MSUstyle.cls and example tex files. %% %% MSUstyle.cls was started by Seth Humphries in Jun-2007. Last updated 09-May-2012 %% Usage is described below %% %% Copyright (c) 2007-2012 Seth D. Humphries %% This work is licensed under the Creative Commons %% Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. To view a copy %% of this license, visit; %% or, (b) send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 2nd Street, Suite %% 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. %% %% %% %% %% EXAMPLE USAGE AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION ARE GIVEN BELOW %% %% %% There are many things in this guide and in the text that you may want to know how to do in your %% ETD. Look at what I have done here in. There are things like citations in figure captions, %% side by side figures, figure rotation, equations, subscripts in titles, figure sizing %% and placement, tables, citations in tabe captions, referencing labeled objects, linking %% values with there units so they do not end up separated on multiple lines, etc that may %% really help you and if you see what I have done may shorten your time to get this done. %% %% %% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! %% When you make changes, run pdflatex at least twice before viewing the output. Sometimes LaTeX %% misses things when only run once. !!!!!!!!!! %% %% %% When using this style guide use the commands \msusection, \msusubsection and \msusubsubsection %% instead of \section, \subsection and \subsubsection. The msu specific commands render the %% formatting for section titles that DGE requires. %% %% Add nonumreset as an input if you want numbering to be contiguous throughout ETD. %% %% %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% NOTE: %% I use this package on a Linux platform using the texlive LaTeX package. I have used this %% on SusE 10.1 through 10.3 and also on Ubuntu and ArchLinux without any issues. If you %% are using a Microsoft operating system with MikTex you may need additional packages %% to compile via pdflatex. If you let me know, I will add a note about that here for %% future users. %% Several others have used this on a Microsoft operating system with MikTex. %% Some using TeXnic Center and others with winEdit. The only trouble that may arise is %% you must have the software setup to automatically find needed packages via network %% download. %% %% %% email me at with any questions and to let me know you are using this. %% I would simply like to track how many are using this style guide and email you when I %% have updates. Thanks and good luck!! %% %% NOTHING!!! in the MSUstyle.cls file should be changed or modified unless the DGE changes %% the required style or format of a submitted thesis or dissertation %% %% -- turn off a "List of ..." page If you do not want or need a "List of Tables" page or a "List of Figures" page put \tablespagefalse or \figurespagefalse somewhere shortly after the \begin{document} in your main tex file. They are turned on by default but not everyone needs them. --- numbering changes --- DGE approved having numbers like 1.1, 1.2, .. 2.34, 2.35, 3.1, etc. for figures, table, equations and algorithms. This is now the default option. If you want to return to the old numbering scheme simply put 'numreset' as an input parameter to the class like "\documentclass[numreset]{MSUstyle}" at the top of your main tex file. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% EXAMPLE text for the MYmsuETD.tex file %% %% Example of use inside the file called mydissertation.tex or whatever you desire to call it: %% \documentclass[12pt,oneside,doublespaced,normalmargins,dissertation,final]{MSUstyle} %% in place of the word "dissertation" above use the word "thesis" and it will automatically %% adjust for the differences between Master's Theses format and the PhD dissertation format. %% %% \documentclass[12pt,oneside,doublespaced,normalmargins,dissertation,final]{MSUstyle} %% %or \documentclass[11pt,twoside,oneandahalfspaced,normalmargins,thesis,draft]{MSUstyle} %% %or variations there on ... see Option Declaration Section below for more options %% %%\documentclass[]{MSUstyle} %% This is MYmsuETD.tex. At Montana State University, ETD stands for ``electronic thesis/dissertation''. %% Created by Seth Humphries %% %% The default options: %% \documentclass[12pt,letterpaper,oneside,openright,% %% doublespaced,normalmargins,dissertation,final,numreset]{MSUstyle} %% will generate a document that conforms to the MSU division of graduate studies %% guidelines. Switch thesis for dissertation if you are doing a Masters thesis. This %% switch will make adjustments to the front matter according to DGE style rules that %% are different for a thesis than for a dissertation. %% can use such input options as singlespaced, 10pt, draft, thesis, twosided, openleft, etc %% %% options 10pt, singlespaced and draft allow you to require less number of pages for editting %% %% %% %%%%%%%%%%%% IMPORTANT %%%%%%%%%% %% \nofiles %uncomment this line when you need to make adjustments to the .toc, .lof %% or .lot files when they cover multiple pages. See the accompanying %% readme.txt file for details. %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Definitions %%%%%%%%%% %% define stuff for dissertation or thesis %% change definition of name to your name and keys to key words you want searched %% by the likes of google and such ilk. This information shows up in the pdf file properties %% \newcommand{\name}{Yo fullname Candidate} %PUT your full name here %% \newcommand{\DocTitle}{Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Monitoring and Verification Via Laser Based %% Detection System} %% \degreedepart{Engineering} %% \department{Electrical and Computer Engineering} %% \committeechair{Dr. So Ann Dso} %% \departmentchair{Dr. Big E. Head} %% \graduatedean{Dr. Bigg E. Ego} %% \submitdate{August, 2008} %% \copyrightyear{2008} %add one to year if document submitted in Dec. %% %% \newcommand{\keys}{Electrical Engineering, PhD, Dissertation, Tunable, Lasers, Laser Diode, DFB, Optics, %% Lidar, Carbon Dioxide, CO2, Carbon, Sequestration, CCS, Carbon Storage, Monitor, Verify, Global Warming, %% Montana, Montana State} %put searchable words that you want searched here %% %% \bibfiles{gwarm,laser,sequestration,monitor} %your .bib files, files containing bibliographic %% %% information/references that you are going to cite in your ETD. %% %% %% %% %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Packages and preparations %%%%%%%%%% %% \usepackage{graphicx} %for the \includegraphics command and figures %% \usepackage{color} %for changing text color in chapters %% \usepackage{subfigure} %to be able to have multiple plots in one figure %% \usepackage{varioref} %% \usepackage{listings} %used for formatting code...see appendices %% \lstset{%set listings styles %% language=Matlab, % program language for keywords and comments styles %% basicstyle=\tiny, %font size and style %% identifierstyle=\color{red}, %variable name style %% stringstyle=\ttfamily, %string style %% keywordstyle=\color{blue}\bfseries, %language keyword style %% commentstyle=\color{green}\itshape, %commentstyle %% breaklines=true, % sets automatic line breaking %% breakatwhitespace=false, %break line not just at whitespaces %% } %% \usepackage[pdftex, %% colorlinks=true,linkcolor=black,citecolor=black,filecolor=black,urlcolor=black,pdftitle={\DocTitle}, %% pdfauthor={\name},pdfsubject={\degreetype \ for \name},pdfkeywords={\keys},pdfcreator={PDFLaTex %% via \name},bookmarks=true,plainpages=false, pdffitwindow=true]{hyperref} %the \ is to give a space %% %% %% %% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% actual Document %%%%%%%%%% %% \begin{document} %% \bibliographystyle{IEEEtran.bst} %I like the IEEEtran bib style, you can use any you or your advisor likes. %% %% \algorithmspagetrue %uncomment this line if you desire a ``list of algorithms'' page. %% %% %% \begin{preliminary} %preliminary take care of all the front matter...before your text %% \begin{dedication} %% \input{dedication} %change or remove this, dedication is not necesary %% \end{dedication} %% \begin{acknowledgements} %% \input{acknow} %change acknow to the file containing your acknowledgements %% \end{acknowledgements} %% \contents %do the contents type pages. Do not change this! %% \begin{abstract} %% \input{abstract} %change this to your abstract file %% \end{abstract} %% \end{preliminary} %% %% end making front matter %% %% % dissertation chapters, change the file names to the ones that you want %% \input{introduction} %% \input{theory} %% \input{new_instrum} %% \input{initial_outdoor} %% \input{release2007} %% \input{release2008} %% \input{conclusion} %% % %% %% %% start formatting the end matter. %% \begin{postliminary} %% \Appendtrue %comment this out if you have no appendix %% \references %do not change this %% \end{postliminary} %% %% \appendix% put appendix chapters here. %% \input{appendixWedge} %% \input{appendixFigs} %% \input{appendixCode} %% \end{document} %%%%%%%%%% do not put anything after this %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% for backwards compatability, if anyone is using one of the older versions this is how you make changes to the list of tables, figure and toc. %%% below this line is old an dnot necesary after Jun-2010. Changing the Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables: When you compile the main code, MymsuETD.tex, it calls the functions \tableofcontents, \listoftables, and \listoffigures. LaTeX generates files MymsuETD.toc, MymsuETD.lot, and MymsuETD.lof, respectively. In these files are the LaTeX sources for these blocks of text. If you don't like the way they look by default (maybe too much space around some symbols, or no bold on math symbols in Chapter titles) you can edit these files. So here's what to do from command line: 1. pdflatex MymsuETD.tex 2. bibtex MymsuETD.tex 3. pdflatex MymsuETD.tex (this is the usual gotta-LaTeX-twice...) 4. Edit the MymsuETD.[toc|lot|lof] files...see #4 below for details! 5. Now, if I run pdflatex again, it will over-write your edited files! So, you can: * insert the \nofiles command in the preamble of the source file. This suppresses the output of new files. This is already at the top of the example code but with a comment sign "%" in front of it. After making adjustements to the .toc, .lof or .lot files just uncomment out the "\nofile" (aka remove the beginning "%") and recompile using "pdflatex MymsuETD.tex" #4 DETAILS So, what you do is look at the latex output after #3 above where the page breaks from one page of the TOC (lot or lof) to the second. If you have more than 2 pages then you should repeat these steps enough times for each page as adding the title will shift things down. Now open the .toc file and at location you just found insert this code: \par \par \vfil \penalty -\@M \write \m@ne {}\vbox {}\penalty -\@Mi \par \hskip 1em\relax \hfill TABLE OF CONTENTS -- CONTINUED \hfill \hskip 1em\relax \hskip 1em\relax \vspace {.2in} \hskip 1em\relax \par now recompile as in #5 above. This is the code for secondary pages for the lot and lof respectively. \par \par \vfil \penalty -\@M \write \m@ne {}\vbox {}\penalty -\@Mi \par \hskip 1em\relax \hfill LIST OF FIGURES -- CONTINUED \hfill \hskip 1em\relax \hskip 1em\relax \hskip 1em\relax \\ Figure \hfill Page \vspace {.15in} \par \par \vfil \penalty -\@M \write \m@ne {}\vbox {}\penalty -\@Mi \par \hskip 1em\relax \hfill LIST OF TABLES -- CONTINUED \hfill \hskip 1em\relax \hskip 1em\relax \hskip 1em\relax \\ Table \hfill Page \vspace {.15in}

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