Authenticate users with AirMap

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bower install airmap-auth


AirMap Auth

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Authenticate users with AirMap.


To use the AirMap Auth Module a client_id must be generated from the AirMap Developer Portal. Additionally, a callback_url must be provided to AirMap in the Developer Portal to whitelist use of the module.

Sign up for an AirMap Developer Account

Version 3 Changes

We've migrated our authentication solution from Auth0 to Keycloak. This package has been updated to reflect this change.

While there are no breaking changes to the end-user experience, it is important to upgrade as the previous version will no longer work once Auth0 is deprecated.

Upgrading from v1 to v2

When updating the auth module from v1 to v2, note the following parameters have been deprecated:

  • closeable (bool)
  • onAuthorizationError (func)
  • state (obj)


From CDN

<!-- Latest patch release -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- Latest minor release -->
<script src=""></script>

From bower

bower install airmap-auth
<script src="bower_components/airmap-auth/index.min.js"></script>

From npm

npm install airmap-auth

After installing the airmap-auth module, you'll need bundle it up along with all of its dependencies using a tool like webpack or browserify. If you don't have a build process in place for managing dependencies, it is recommended that you use the module via bower or the CDN.


Generated API Documentation

Official AirMap Docs


Clone the repo and run npm install. Open the 'index.js' file in the 'examples' folder and add the config object from the AirMap Developer Portal. Then, run npm start in the command line and navigate to http://localhost:8080/.

Note: When testing the module with the provided examples, you'll want to update the callback_url with http://localhost:8080/ in the following two places:

• 'index.js' file in the config object provided to the AirMapAuth constructor

• 'Callback URL' field in the Auth0 section of the AirMap Developer Portal

As soon as the callback_urls match, you should be good to test out the Auth Module Demo.


See LICENSE for details.