A collection of amCharts-related plugins and utilities

bower install amcharts-tools


amCharts Tools


This repository is meant to house miscelaneous amCharts-related plugins and tools that are small and do not warrant their individual repositories.

Available plugins

Plugin Description
autoGuides Automatically create guides for any week days on a date-based chart
autoHideLegend Automatically hide a chart legend if it contains more than set number of entries
autoOffsetAxis Automatically offset multiple value axis so they do not overlap
bestFitLine Add best fit trend lines to graphs
datePadding Allos extending date/time range of the category axis beyond actual data
pieDualLabels Allows enabling secondary set of slice labels for a Pie chart
polarScatter Enhances Radar chart to be used as circular scatter chart
showValueLabels For each grid line, displays a label which shows the current value
stockInputMask Apply input mask to date inputs according to set date format on Stock Chart

Installation & Usage

For the most part, you would just need to include the minified plugin JS file in your page. Sometimes you will also need to add additional parameters to your chart/map config in order for plugin to work.

Please refer to the file located in each indvidual plugin folder for details.

CDN hosting

All plugins included in this collection are available in amCharts-hosted, reliable CDN on:


Extending these plugins

You're encouraged to modify, extend and make derivative plugins out of the ones included in this repository.

You can modify files, included in this archive or, better yet, fork this project on GitHub:

We're curious types. Please let us know ( if you do create something new out of this plugin.


All software included in this collection is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

This basically means you're free to use or modify it, even make your own versions or completely different products out of them.

Please see attached file "license.txt" for the complete license or online here:

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