AngularJS image upload directive

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bower install angular-image-upload


AngularJS image upload directive

Image upload directive with a custom display, progress bar, and displaying of image. Coming soon: cropping functionality.



  • required
    • angular-array
  • optional
    • angular-area-select (required for crop support)
    • ImageMagick (npm plugin and actually installing ImageMagick - required for node backend cropping functionality - though you can substitute this for any backend crop plugin/library/code)

See bower.json and index.html in the gh-pages branch for a full list / more details


  1. download the files
    1. Bower
      1. add "angular-image-upload": "latest" to your bower.json file then run bower install OR run bower install angular-image-upload
  2. include the files in your app
    1. image-upload.min.js
    2. image-upload.less OR image-upload.min.css OR image-upload.css
  3. include the module in angular (i.e. in app.js) - jackrabbitsgroup.angular-image-upload

See the gh-pages branch, files bower.json and index.html for a full example.


See the image-upload.js file top comments for usage examples and documentation

See the backendExamples folder on the gh-pages branch for examples of backend code to handle the image upload


  1. git checkout gh-pages
    1. run npm install && bower install
    2. write your code then run grunt
    3. git commit your changes
  2. copy over core files (.js and .css/.less for directives) to master branch
    1. git checkout master
    2. git checkout gh-pages image-upload.js image-upload.min.js image-upload.less image-upload.css image-upload.min.css
  3. update README, CHANGELOG, bower.json, and do any other final polishing to prepare for publishing
    1. git commit changes
    2. git tag with the version number, i.e. git tag v1.0.0
  4. create github repo and push
    1. [if remote does not already exist or is incorrect] git remote add origin [github url]
    2. git push origin master --tags (want to push master branch first so it is the default on github)
    3. git checkout gh-pages
    4. git push origin gh-pages
  5. (optional) register bower component
    1. bower register angular-image-upload [git repo url]