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bower install angular-nanoscroller-nested


Angular nanoScroller

Wrapper for nanoScrollerJS with AngularJS lifecycle integration. Demo plunker


To use it include scrollable.js above your app. Also yiu mus include nanoScrollerJS files.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="nanoscroller.css"/>
<script src="jquery.nanoscroller.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="scrollable.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Also you can use bower: bower install angular-nanoscroller

Next, make sure to add sun.scrollable to your Angular app/module requirements:

var module = angular.module('app', ['sun.scrollable']);


Scroll can be added as element:

<div class="some-container">
    ... Some content ...

Or as attribute:

<div class="some-container" scrollable>
  ... Some content ...

To use custom CSS classes, over root template tag, use element syntax. Parameters of the nanoScroller can be supplied as the value of the attribute scrollable, or as scrollable element attributes.

<div class="some-container">
  <scrollable class="greenScrollbar" always-visible="true" slider-max-height="200">
    ... Some content ...
<div class="some-container" scrollable="{alwaysVisible='true'}">
  ... Some content ...

Additional attributes

Using attribute static will disable automatic scrollbar reconfiguration when height of content is changed.

Attributes watch and watch-collection will force nanoScroller updates only when objects are changed. To watch multiple objects separate it names throw ; or ,.


To configure scrollable change constant scrollableConfig.

Available parameters:

  • template - Template of the scroller. Uses ng-transclude for directive transclusion
  • bottomMargin - Available number of pixels from the bottom, in which it is considered that scroller is in bottom. Default is '40'

To set default parameters of the nanoScroller modify constant nanoScrollerDefaults. All parameters will be passed to nanoScroller during configuration stage.

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