angular, virtual, scroll
bower install angular-virtualScroll



just include angularVirtualScroll as dependency to your module say

Var app = angular.module("sampleApp", ["angularVirtualScroll"]);

and include virtualScroll directive as an attribute for which you want to aplly virtual scroll say


and define virtualRepeat options in controller say

$scope.virtualRepeat = { 'INCREMENT_SIZE': 5, 'ITEMS_SIZE': 10, range = { start: 0, end: 10 }, 'maxSize': $scope.items.length };

maxSize is the total length of items ITEMS_SIZE is the count of items say in dom at a time say from our example you can view 10 items at time. INCREMENT_SIZE is the buffered count of items we maintain ie., we we scroll down we will add 5 items at the bottom and remove 5 items at the top vice versa we we reach top. range is what we used internally to maintain the virtual scroll but i am exposing range because you can reset the virtual scroll postion manually using this range object in virtualRepeat options. example range: {start: 5, end: 15} means you can view the items starting from index 5 to 15