Angular module to include for server side renderering with your application ( )

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bower install angular.js-server


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This is the client module to include to make Angular.js-server work.


As simple as that:

bower install angular.js-server

If you still don't use bower, you can get the file here

Then include the dependency server.

angular.module('your-app', ['server']);

What does it do?

It decorates several angular native providers:

  • $http
  • $cacheFactory
  • $q
  • $exceptionHandler
  • $log
  • $templateCache

There is nothing to change in your angular app, except for the server the dependecy.

How is the Idle status of the page detected?

The Idle event is sent on page load, and it is sent only once, when all these conditions are met:

  • The $digest() is idle
  • All $http calls are resolved
  • All promises are resolved

How about the REST caching functionality?

If detected, $cacheFactory will preload all the cached data ($http results, and templates) and will replay them instantly

What else?

  • It decorate the Exception Handler to send a ServerExceptionHandlerEvent for server side loggin purposes
  • Uses the $log server config data to write on the server file system when the angular app is loaded on the server side
  • It adds a $ method for debugging purposes

Some config Data

Uses the Factory serverConfig inside the run().

angular.module('your-app', [])
    .run(function(serverConfig) {



setRestServer(url: string)

eEnables the server side REST caching, by forwarding all $http calls and template calls to this proxy URL.

This specific scenario works even if the server side page rendering is disabled.

setTimeoutValue(time: number)

Internally, this module check with a default interval of 200ms when $digest, $http & $q are resolved. It is possible to change it at run time, but it should be used only for debugging/development goals.

setDefaultHtpCache(cache: boolean)

This will tell your app to subsequently continue or stop caching the $http requests after they have been re-played on page load.

This setting is only effective when the page has been server pre-rendered.


npm i
bower install
npm run build
npm test