A minimal, responsive CSS boilerplate for the modern web.

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bower install barebones-css


barebones - A minimal, responsive boilerplate for the modern web.


barebones-css - A minimal, responsive boilerplate for the modern web.

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What's so great about it?

  • It provides you with a minimal set of styles for a fast and clean starting point.
  • It's lightweight. Being less than 5 kB in size once gzipped.
  • sanitize.css is used to corrects broken and missing styles.
  • It uses Flexbox Grid to provide you with a responsive grid system.
  • Build with Less for modularity and maintainability.
  • No deeply nested selectors.
  • Written entirely in rem and em values.
  • It's Customization friendly with no evil !Important.
  • Scalable on all devices and screens.


Install with cdn

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Install with Bower

$ bower install barebones-css

Install with npm

$ npm install barebones-css

Install with yarn

$ yarn add barebones-css

Not catching your fancy?

Here are some other awesome options:

Thanks to OSS

barebones CSS is made possible through Open Source Software. A very special thanks to all the modules it uses.


All Contributions are welcome! Please open up an issue if you would like to help out. 😄

Support via Gratipay


Created with ♥ by Tiaan du Plessis. Licensed under the MIT License.