An undo/redo service for AngularJS

AngularJS, undo, redo
bower install chronicle



An undo/redo service for AngularJS. Supports user-friendly string handling, "controller as" syntax, and on event function calls.

This is tested for Angular 1.2.14+. Versions below 1.2.14 have been found to not work with Chronicle and are not officially supported.


The easiest way to install is just to use Bower.

bower install chronicle

However if you aren't using Bower, you can simply take the chronicle.js file and put it in your project and include it in your html file after you include your AngularJS source file.

Then you must inject Chronicle into your module and controller.

var myApp = angular.module('myApp',['Chronicle']);
myApp.controller ('MyCtrl', function($scope, Chronicle){


Here is Chronicle's official page, and it contains a number of useful examples that cover different supported pieces of functionality.

Basic Usage

First things first, you have to start recording your variable:

$scope.str = 'test';
$scope.chronicle = Chronicle.record('str', $scope);

You then take this scope variable and call functions on it.


These functions should be self explanitory. This should be enough for basic undo/redo functionality.

Full Usage

At the moment, there are only four arguments you can give Chronicle.record.

$scope.chron = Chronicle.record('watchVar', $scope, handleStringsBool, 'noWatchVar');

'watchVar' is the stringified variable name you want to be able to undo on.

scope is the variable that contains your watch variable and your unwatched variables.

handleStringsBool is the boolean that determines if you want to handle strings in a more user input friendly way.

'noWatchVar' is the stringified variable name that you want to be able to store alongside your watch variable but not trigger your watch variable.

The functions that you can then use on $scope.chron:


Undoes to the previous change.


Redoes to the next change.


Use these functions to make Chronicle call a function whenever a significant event happens to the Chronicle object.


Removes the passed function call on the event. More info on the above 6 functions here.


Returns true if the action can be performed, false if you can't perform the action at the current time.


In order to get the tests to work, run sudo npm install in the top level directory. Then use grunt to run the tests.


MIT License