Bird's eye view pan and zoom control for Cytoscape.js

cytoscape, cyext, cytoscapejs, cytoscapejs-extension
bower install cytoscape.js-navigator





Bird's eye view pan and zoom control for Cytoscape.js


  • Cytoscape.js ^2.6.0 || ^3.0.0

Usage instructions

Download the library:

  • via npm: npm install cytoscape-navigator,
  • via bower: bower install cytoscape-navigator, or
  • via direct download in the repository (probably from a tag).

require() the library as appropriate for your project:


var cytoscape = require('cytoscape');
var navigator = require('cytoscape-navigator');

navigator( cytoscape ); // register extension


require(['cytoscape', 'cytoscape-navigator'], function( cytoscape, navigator ){
  navigator( cytoscape ); // register extension

Plain HTML/JS has the extension registered for you automatically, because no require() is needed.


var cy = cytoscape({ /* ... */ });

var defaults = {
    container: false // html dom element
  , viewLiveFramerate: 0 // set false to update graph pan only on drag end; set 0 to do it instantly; set a number (frames per second) to update not more than N times per second
  , thumbnailEventFramerate: 30 // max thumbnail's updates per second triggered by graph updates
  , thumbnailLiveFramerate: false // max thumbnail's updates per second. Set false to disable
  , dblClickDelay: 200 // milliseconds
  , removeCustomContainer: true // destroy the container specified by user on plugin destroy
  , rerenderDelay: 100 // ms to throttle rerender updates to the panzoom for performance

var nav = cy.navigator( defaults ); // get navigator instance, nav

You may call nav.destroy() to remove the navigator widget and associated cleanup.

Publishing instructions

This project is set up to automatically be published to npm and bower. To publish:

  1. Set the version number environment variable: export VERSION=1.2.3
  2. Publish: gulp publish
  3. If publishing to bower for the first time, you'll need to run bower register cytoscape-navigator
  4. Make a release on GitHub to automatically register a new Zenodo DOI