The simple async toolkit - Promises (Futures), Subscriptions, and the like

bower install futures


FuturesJS - The simple asynchronous toolkit.

It's a JavaScript flow-control library (or control-flow - however you like to say it) with the aim of being simple and intuitive.

It doesn't use promises in the strictest sense of the definition, but does help tame your wild, async code.

FuturesJS v3 (aka 'Diet Cola')

Status: Maintained, In Development

v3.x is simply an experiment in making FuturesJS more browser-friendly, simpler, smaller, and more intuitively obvious, even to the most casual observer!

For v3 each module has been split into its own repository in https://github.com/FuturesJS.

Completed thus far:

In progress:

FuturesJS v2

Status: Maintained

Don't worry, v2 is still supported and probably always will be.


The version isn't inactive. It's simply complete. If you do find a bug, however, please report it.

FuturesJS v1

Status: Deprecated



This version is not active, nor is it complete. If you find bugs, I don't want to hear about them.