Create PDFs in your browser or nodejs (javascript port of libharu)

bower install hpdf



Create PDFs in your browser (port of libharu) See the demo page


Because other projects with the same goal lack a lot of features (e.g. custom fonts).


  • Custom Fonts (Type1 and TTF)
  • PNG, JPG and RAW images
  • Password encryption
  • Text and Link Annotations
  • Outlines
  • Drawing function (lines, cycles etc.)
  • Encoding support

How to use

Include hpdf.js or hpdf.min.js in your HTML file and see examples or libharu API reference

API naming convention

  • Function names are like their libharu API pendants but object-oriented and their first letter is lowercase.
    // javascript code                           // C code
    var pdf = new HPDF();                        HPDF_Doc pdf = HPDF_New (error_handler, NULL);
    var page = pdf.addPage();                    HPDF_Page page = HPDF_AddPage(pdf);
    pdf.free();                                  HPDF_Free(pdf);
  • Get in the function name is ommitted and Set is kept
    // javascript code                           // C code
    var width = page.width();                    HPDF_REAL width = HPDF_Page_GetWidth(page);
    page.setLineWidth(5);                        HPDF_Page_SetLineWidth(page, 5);
  • Use undefined in Javascript where you would use NULL in C
    // javascript code                           // C code
    var root = pdf.createOutline(undefined,      root = HPDF_CreateOutline (pdf, NULL, "OutlineRoot", NULL);
       "OutlineRoot", undefined);
  • Use strings (case irrelevant) in Javascript where you would use constants in C
    // javascript code                           // C code
    page.setSize('B5', 'landscape');             HPDF_Page_SetSize(page, HPDF_PAGE_SIZE_B5, HPDF_PAGE_LANDSCAPE);
  • Tailing NULL/undefined can be ommitted
    // javascript code                           // C code
    var font = pdf.font('Helvetica');            HPDF_Font font = HPDF_PDF_GetFont(pdf, 'Helvetica', NULL);
  • Instead of calling a error handler in C, an Exception is thrown in Javascript


None. You just need emscripten and CoffeeScript if you want to help developing hpdf.js

How to compile (for devs only)

  1. Configure libhaku cmake ./libharu

  2. Configure libpng cd ./libpng; cmake .; cd ..

  3. Compile hpdf.js ./compile.sh (You might want to change some paths in this bash script!)